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Artificial Marble Production Line
  • Name:Artificial Marble Production Line
  • Catalog:Artificial marble production line
  • Number:DXGSX-01
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Automatic Production Line for Artificial Marble The line is mainly composed of hopper, conveyor, mixer, trolley, press machine, test machine, etc. The test machine is the prototype of the core parts of the whole plant, with which the formula can be tested by forming artificial marble block samples, volume production will only be made after successful tests.
The process of the entire line is, weight the raw materials by the hopper→ send them to the mixer by the conveyor→ add to auxiliary material (e.g. resin) →vacuum mixing→ put the mixed material into the mould→ vibration in the vacuum tank for shaping.

1. Technical parameters

(1)Specificiation: (optional or depends on client's artificial marble designing requirements)




● 3250*1650*800mm.

(2) Capacity: 40~45 min/ block

(3)Total PowerMax.850KW, Avg.600KW

2. Plant requirement

(1) The press line plant size: length≥150m,width≥20m. Workshop that has 5/20 tons crane with the height ≥6m.

(2) The gang saw plant size: length≥100m,width≥20m, Workshop that has 20 tons crane with the height≥6m.

(3) The polishing line plant size: length≥100m,width≥8m, Workshop that has 5/10 tons crane with the height≥6m.

(4) Land Area Requirement

●Min. plant area: 10000

●Min. building area: 9000

Raw material warehouse:2000 .

Artificial marble production line workshop: 2000

Gang saw :1000

Polishing line workshop 2000

Warehouse: 2000

3. Water supply requirement

(1) 8*12m3 water pools use for cooling down vacuum pump and hydraulic station.

(2) 300 m3 recycling water pools use for gang saw and polishing line.

4. Electric supply requirement

(1) Power of quartz press line: 850KW;

(2) Power of 3 sets gang saw: 128*3KW;

(3) Power of polishing line: 197KW;

The total power: 1431KW.

5. Productivity

(1) 1 Rough Marble Block Per 40~45 Minutes

(2) 26 block per day (count as 20 hours)

(3) 650 block per month (count as 25 work days)

(4) 7800 block per year (count as 300 work days)