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Artificial Quartz Stone Line
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1. Technical parameters

(1) Maximum slab size 3250×1650×(1250)mm

(2) Capacity: 5mins/piece

(3)Total Power440Kw

2. Plant requirement

(1) The press line plant size: length≥150m,width≥15m. Workshop that has 5/10 tons crane with the height ≥8m.

(2) The polishing line plant size: length≥100m,width≥8m, Workshop that has 5/10 tons crane with the height≥6m.

(3) The standard land plant area for whole production line better more than 6000.

3. Water supply requirement

(1) 2*12m3 water pools use for cooling down vacuum pump and hydraulic station.

(2) 300 m3 recycling water pools use for polishing line.

4. Electric supply requirement

(1) Power of quartz press line: 440KW;

(2) Power of polishing line: 705KW;

The total power: 1145KW.

5. Productivity

(1) 1287/day (Work time: 20 hours)

(2) 32175/month (Work day: 25 day)

(3) 386000/year (Count as the work time with 20 hours per day and 300 days per year).