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Marble tie-rod
  • Name£ºMarble tie-rod
  • Catalog£ºStone machine parts
  • Number£ºPJJJ-180
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Hydraulic tie-rods for Marble Gang Saw Tie-Rod for MarbleMarble Gang Saw Tie-Rod with hydraulic driven is for connecting hydraulic tensioner and gang saw blade. It composes of front and back Tie-Rod, adjust screw and wedge.
Generally referring to this type of tie-rods as the common ones installed on hydraulic marble tensioner. These tie-rods could be for minimum 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and etc. cut.

Tie-rod thickness

Min. slab


Range of

slab thickness



16 MM

16 MM and above


17 MM

14 MM

14~16 MM


15 MM

12 MM

12~14 MM


14 MM

10 MM

10~12 MM

Double hydraulic tensioner