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Introduction of artificial marble
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Introduction of style artificial marble

Artificial marble is mainly comprised of natural marble, stone meal, shell, glass, and etc. Produced from advanced manufacturing systems, radiation elements are almost completely removed from raw stone materials during the production process. Marbles made with such process are safer and healthier, a truly green and environmental friendly construction material.

Artificial marbles are pressed with high pressure from natural raw materials in vacuum, it increases the product of strength dramatically, so that some products are even stronger than natural stones. Because special ingredient mixing technique is used in the synthesizing process, artificial marbles are free of uneven coloration problems in renovating with natural stone, it is especially suited for large area layering projects.

Artificial marbles can be used in a wide range of settings such as homes, hotels, offices, banks, hospitals, large malls and etc. Special characteristics of our products include: non-radioactive, brilliant colors, comprehensive varieties, precision cutting, high luminosity, uniform coloration, and renewable time-after-time for repeated use.